Instead: Poems by David Lunde

Instead: Poems by David Lunde (front cover) Coming soon: Reviews, excerpts, and author commentary.

Periodicals: Poetry, TriQuarterly, The Iowa Review, Northwest Review, Hawaii Review, Chicago Review, Seneca Review, Kansas Quarterly, Asimov's SF, Galaxy, New Worlds, Aboriginal SF, Renditions, Poetry Northwest, Kansas Quarterly, Cottonwood, The Mother Earth News, Feminist Studies, The North American Review, Field, The Literary Review, Literary Imagination, Pacific Review, Chelsea, Confrontation, Permafrost, Negative Capability, The Review of Contemporary Fiction.

Anthologies: Nebula Awards 28; Nebula Awards 31; 2076: The American TriCentennial; A Silver Treasury of Chinese Lyrics; Poly; Poets of the Fantastic; Whispers: An Anthology of Fantasy and Horror; Uncommonplaces: Poems of the Fantastic; The Random House Treasury of Light Verse; Rocket Candy: Speculative Poetry; Burning With A Vision: Poetry of Science and the Fantastic; Contemporary French Poetry; On Turtle's Back.